Seminar FRENCH SHARM BY TM LOTHMANN 28 March 2024 in Kiev

Let’s talk about:

  • What dyes exist in the brand
  • Their classification and purpose
  • Blondes & Shades –
  • One of the most popular dyes
  • Bleaching products that are used and for what purposes
  • Nutri-Protect is a procedure for restoring and protecting during the coloring procedures of the care line
  • Nutrivital Hair Care Serum
  • hair restoration and straightening treatment, Shamp Addict line, shampoo and mask with direct pigments
  • Stacking Line
  • Demonstration on models

What you will get after the seminar:

You will learn how to make a clear plan for working with TM Lothmann easily and independently

The Right Recipes

Speaker:Marina Lezhentseva, National Technologist, Termix Ambassador Vladislav Zhadenov

Registration and details by phone 097-888-21-14

Французький шарм 23 березня 2024 року Vladislav Zhadenov. •амбассадор TERMIX✂️Парикмахер-технолог, колорист в Одессе
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